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We do things a little differently around here.

How can we help you grow your Business?

Canterbury Press has seen an evolution in the printing press. This evolution is being fueled by a new generation of print buyers who appreciate craft, and is looking for commercial printing to perform on multiple levels with the highest impact possible.

Canterbury Press presents unique opportunities to generate new business and satisfy the expectations of our current customer base. We sell the value of our skilled craftsmen and women who produce undeniably positive printing results, which make a statement, and makes us one of the top printing companies in Atlanta.

We, the employees at Canterbury Press promise to treat you like a person, not an order. By using our combined tenure of over 625 years, we strive to exceed your expectations. We cater our work to individual customer needs, inspiring us to create innovative materials just for you. Our motto “Today’s Technology / Yesterday’s Values” applies to everything we do; our current customers describe us as dedicated, professional, and original. Just as our namesake honors the first printed book, we hope you make Canterbury Press the printing company you consider first for all your printing needs.

Commercial Printing Done Right

Printing companies have longed for efficiency and perfection since the days of Gutenberg! Independent of the type of printing your business requires- digital printing, offset printing, brochure printing, booklet printing, ect., Canterbury Press can promise both efficiency as well as perfection. But Canterbury Press will not only ensure that your final product is most ideal, but we will also be there to guide you allow the way and assist your business in determining how best to achieve its goals through printing.

Canterbury Press Mission Statement

Canterbury Press helps businesses achieve their goals through professionally printed communications. Because our employees are treated with dignity and respect, compensated well for their accomplishments and work within a supportive team environment, we consistently deliver a quality product with exceptional customer service. We also enthusiastically support the ongoing efforts of local charitable organizations by donating our services to them.

As we help customers express themselves through printed communications, we can fully appreciate the power of the written word to inspire and motivate. By following The Eight Principles of Canterbury Press we can grow and prosper as an organization while providing the best possible product and service.

The Eight Principles of Canterbury Press

  • We Make it Easy to do Business with Us
  • We are Organized to do Things Simply and Profitably
  • We Respond to the Changing Needs of our Customers
  • We Select and Nurture Quality Employees
  • We Manage Our Finances Every Day in Every Way
  • We Actively and Aggressively Manage Our Sales Effort
  • We Actively and Aggressively Manage Our Manufacturing Activities
  • We Appreciate and Respect Our Vendors and Value the Customer – Supplier Relationship